Monday, November 28, 2011

Philadelphia Marathon 2011 (pacer mile 13-26.2)

What an experience, one of three races I've ever watched and not taken part in, only I did take part in this one. What a GREAT marathon. Philadelphia designed a course that sends you around the city, and then following the river. Its scenic and a moderate challenge. Also to note, the race was well planned, and very well organized. Starting in front of the Rocky Steps at the Art museum and stretching into the city streets just as the sun begins to rise into the sky.

After seeing the runner to the start line, I took off back to the car where I was suppose to sit tight and read, instead I had the map out in my lap and found the nearest 7-11 where I could grab fuel and then pinpointed the 8 mi mark and determined to meet up there and run the last 18 miles of the race. Well, honestly I never saw my runner so after running a couple miles back and forth on the course I waited around mile 13 and joined up when my runner came through. The runners, the ppl cheering, the small town feeling and the bridges, the music, it was all so ..... breathtaking.

 After my last race I had lost my fire to run and had planned a couple week vacation from running to clear my head, but on this 67 degree late morning in a new city with 25000 runners I wanted to keep going forever, and now I might.

Now Im training for my first ultramarathon... 31 miles... which I will complete much sooner than planned as I hope it will go well and I can keep going for my First 50 miler this spring which will also be a fundraiser that EVERYONE I can reach out to, will here about!!! So excited, So happy!!

So grateful to have gone to philly to find my heart in the soles of my shoes once again... I will continue to follow my heart, one stride at a time... and I will Live, the fullest life I am able to.

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