Friday, July 5, 2013

How Many Ways We Live

Think of the number of ways we metaphorically try to convince ourselves of the very fact that sometimes life sucks. For runners, its the old some days are better than others, but you always run... sometimes its a good apple, sometimes bad... when life hands you lemons.... I think you get the picture.

Life, living is hard... thats why we all get to have one another.... if we could only trust one another....

Well then, that would be something.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Change of Style, a Shift of Purpose

I always write in my blogs in random story structure, making the actual effort that goes into it a three to four hour commitment. Which is wonderful, but no longer something I have time to do. So instead I think I'd prefer this blog be a little shorter, easier to follow and with no specific theme, like running.

Running is clearly a top priority in my life, but there are also many others.
So now I can share within a few minutes, just as you can read within a few minutes.

2.5 weeks out from 20in24.... and much more news to come!