Monday, February 27, 2012

Peaks and Troughs

Running, training, living in general has its peaks and troughs. As some of you know I have tattoo forever engraved into my skin that is reminder of this fact. Not only are there ups and downs but our lives are but one small segment with a distinct beginning and end within the never-ending dimension of time. Running too, is much like this each run with its solitary beginning and finish within our own lives.

It's said that as the miles persist- aka the longer you run- the higher the highs, the lower the lows and the closer together they become. I certainly attest to this, and train by it. No matter how low you feel, if you can make it through, there's usually another high to take awake your self-doubt and fill the brain with gratification and fortitude as the run continues.

The last couple weeks I have been progressing to this week Feb. 27th- March 4th 2012... my peak week of training for my First 50 mile ultra run. My entire body is buzzing with anxiety both positive and negative mixing all around. I can't wait to run, but the fatigue and mild soreness is still present from last weeks efforts. The weight of making the wrong decision rides my mind. In the end though, I'll follow my heart, and run as long as I am pain free.

This week is the mental guidance for the rest of my training. Extra calories, extra sleep and higher focus will be utilized to manage my job, yoga teaching and my training. For this one week I will be utterly selfishly devoted to completing the task at hand. And if I fail, I fail, nothing more, the training will persist as planned and will continue to do my best... since thats all I've got ;).

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