Monday, June 18, 2012

B-10 B2B 10k

It's been roughly one year since I moved to Baltimore. The first social thing I did after moving to Baltimore in 2011 was run the Baltimore 10-miler, I figured I'd meet some other runners. Knowing me I actually almost presumed I wouldn't since I rarely start up conversations. But I did, I met Frank, Everette, Jeanette, Serge and Lucia who kicked off a year of amazing changes and running. Frank and I, along with his daughter ran the Father's day 10K put on by Annapolis Striders on the B&A. It was my first introduction to back to back racing- and realizing that the limitations we conjure are quite false.

So naturally when entry opened for 2012 Frank and I scrambled in ASAP. I had some pipe dreams in the months leading up to this race that I could break 70min. But as the day neared that seemed illogical, I mean I never train faster than 7:50 on a really good day. Granted my mileage from last June has tripled along with new sports like biking and swimming thrown into run/ yoga routine. But I was capping my week at 77 miles and my legs weren't quite fresh. I also felt some strange twinges from my hamstring all week and thought it'd be better to stick to a more suitable ultra-runners pace... 8-9 min miles... and just hunker through for fun.

So race day!... Best day Ever.... I almost cant even explain, between Dave doing his first 10miler and the Back on my Feet crew there and supporting, and my catonsville family there (somewhere although i couldnt find them)... I was just happy to be a part of it all. Just to feel the difference in where I was from last year.

I watmed up roughly 5 miles and then joined the BOMF crowd for our prayer/ cheer circle up, then Dave and I got into the starting pack around the 1:55 pace group... which- no offense in the least to those running that pace.... but that is not a smart place for someone planning 1:15- 1:20 to start... it means dogding people and tripping over people while rudely cutting them off, apologizing a lot as you bounce your way from side to side to side trying to get up your own running pace. But I wasnt concerned... we were chip timed- (for non-runners- this means it doesnt techincally matter where you start- the clock starts for you when your body crosses the start line and the same for the finishing aspect). So we got moving.... eventually int he 4th wave.. placing me starting 4min+ behind everyone and then playing dodge the runners for the first 4 miles... or until about 1/4 of the way around Lake Montebello... And to be honest, even once I was in the clear, I kept the mindset that I had to "get up to speed" so that I'd keep moving at a "HARD" pace... but not a painful pace- because thats no fun for me.

At 4.5 mi I found Frank... I sprinted up to him, said Hey!, I've been looking for you all day!! - fist punch- and I kept movin at the same pace. Mile 5-6 uphill I passed Dave P and hardly even noticed- I was focused on not dropping pace since I still felt good- which was a surprise to me.

Anyway, to be honest the rest was a blur, just running, ticking off miles and then I saw Greg more lovingly referred to as "Road Runner"  and has was slowing up a bit up the hill, I tried ot catch him as soon as possible and see if he'd come with me- we were just a mile away from the fininsh and once we crested that hill the climbs were over anyway. But he didn't come and I picked up pace even more figuring I was still feeling too good for this scene in a race I should probably move my a**, (thats slightly overstated- I hurt like heck at this point... I mean for me- I was movin'... but I did feel I had more and thought it was as good a time as any to use it). So I circled passed the BOMF "cheerleaders" and did the little loop they created this year.... around a cemetery... what a "joyful" way to end the race.... I mean I got the point they wanted to make the last mile a good cheering zone kind of thing- but it was honestly hideous and slightly morbid.... I would request another hill climb over ending the race in that fashion- just my opinion. Anyway kicked in 1:14 something or other,.... figuring I may have actually made my goal (which I later found out I did) 69:31 without a watch and starting from the back... I was quite pleased.

The rest of the day was great! hanging out with Dave S and Rob and Dave L (congrats on an awesome 1st 10 mile run!) and Frank, Everette, Serge and Jeanette and her step daughter who was getting married that evening- (congrats!! if you ever find your way to this silly blog <3). Cancelled the rest of my workouts do to an awesome migraine. And went to bed at 9pm-ish...

Sunday- Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!!- got up went to robinson rd severna park high, signed up for the 10k and warmed up 2.5 mi, run harder than I planned and ended up running 42:40-ish... which was fine... nothing amazing...but met a couple new ppl to stay in contact with. Not long after Frank, Everette and I were back in Catonsville with Franks sons and we all had breakfast only for his wife and daughter to show up and create a wonderful experience (for me anyway- since they're one of my many adopted families :)!)....

Two hours later I somehow ended up on a 25 mi bike ride (i think my legs were moving but it was rather slow)... I got my first flat and therefore my first lesson on changing a bicycle tire... seems easy enough... and then I bonked- never had that happen before... atleast not that bad... but I still made the climb home to FRanks place where we fixed me up with some salad and cheetos and lots of water. 

Such a great Weekend- too many people to thank and mention and (apaprently I have TOO many friends named Dave... seriously I have 6... that I talk to regularly and they all RUN....CRAZY!)....So thank you Back on My Feet (everyone!) and everyone else.... and yea you too.... Thanks ;p

Good to Go for Mason Dixon Longest Day Challenge 100k trail run on 6/23/12!!! XOXO

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