Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Worry About Nothin'

This is just a quick post to express the gratitude in my heart.

 For anyone who knows me, I tend to get myself worked up about a little things. But honestly I think I'm much improved from the girl who used to wind herself so tightly she'd totally lose it with any slight deviation form "the PLAN."  I've long since learned the Plan is nice sketch, but when you add life and color to it, it resembles a kindergartner's artwork, beautiful in its own unique way but only in the eye's of those who love you (plus or minus- kinda reaching on that metaphor- but it seemed like a cute idea :p)

Seeing as I'm now One night's sleep and 1 full week away from my first Ultra-running goal of completing 50 miles; I have never been so excited. It's like the same feeling as a week before Christmas when you're little and the toy you've wanted SOSOSO badly is somewhere (you know you overheard Mom and Dad discussing its purchase... you're 99% certain its got to be there.... and 1% doubting it and fearing the disappointment.

So I'm 75% healed (randomly assigned percentage based of intuitive feeling)... In this last week I've gone through round #2 of sickness, continuing to get over poison oak/sumac/ mean plant with oils that make my skin itch.... and the aching in my 2nd metatarsal has dulled to a 0-1/10...yet it remains present, even after last weeks 24 miles trail run. Ready? Yea, I've never been more ready for anything... but that doesn't guarantee anything.

And Today's List of Moments
1) A gift when I arrived at the yoga studio, a thank you- to me... an unnecessary wonderfully pleasant surprise.

2) Having a friend come to my yoga class- (always makes me twice as nervous as a teacher- shhh) but more importantly makes me feel loved and respected (both things I innately yearn for and habitually run from). Great lessons for myself. Thank you for coming!

3) One of My beloveds told me she saves some of the positive things I say in a file on her cell phone called "megs wise advice" <= <3

4) The Sun was shining enough that I could bike in a T-shirt... my one and only fluorescent piece of workout clothing...and since Frank took me out on the roads of the Columbia Tri course for a "real" 25 mi bike ride I was grateful to have the company... NOT only company- but coaching: I think with his guidance I may almost understand shifting for hills... Still need a lot more work...
But theres not words to explain having someone bike next to you a tell you what you need to do.. and to feel the two-wheeled machine actually move without constant struggle and strain. Riding today was the closest I've been to riding a motorcycle in years and it was AMAZING... only even better, because I was working my cardio system... (Pure Joy and utter gratitude for his patience and support).

5) Throughout this ride, after this ride and even pulling up next to me at the light before diverging paths driving home after the ride, Frank's reminders "Don't worry about nothin'"

6) Coffee + fro yo with a friend its been too long since I've seen and having their presence and support and hugs.

7) The text from another friend with not only suggest running reading <3 <3 but also checking in about my upcoming race... Timing is everything, and this brought tears to my eyes, so grateful to be thought of.

8)The woman working at "EmbroidMe" who made my kick ass 6th Branch Tech-T for my run and who listened to my life story as I explained my upcoming endeavor, goals and driving forces. Just one more set of ears that heard and listened and shared positive wishes for me. Thank you!

9) Yet another friend offering my the sound advice, that YES I do know what Im doing, and Yes I am ready. And to continue to be patient and wise, the same advice  I myself shared with a friend early that day about their own fears and struggles. (Taking my own advice, utilizing my own wisdom... still requires that extra nudge from another human being).

10) And should never forget my Mom who, although she doesn't understand my running she listens intently and offers me as many phone hugs to comfort my fears as any mother could. Thank You.

SO all of this in ONE day... one beautiful day. Three times today I cried because I am so grateful and overjoyed to have any of, but luckily all of these people and many more in my life.

Knowing who I used to be, or at least recognizing my own power to hurt people and to take away joy... I am dumfounded by the Love I'm surrounded by. I can't begin to contemplate how I got to be so Blessed. But I think, I'd perfer to just say Thank You than to ever question something so Powerful and Beautiful.

So, Thank you!! (guess that wasn't that short... whoops ;).)

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  1. thank you for your thoughts. gave my day the lift it needed :)